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Q. I don't have time to read the entire FAQ. Can you summarize what the club is about in one paragraph?
A. We'll try. The Northern Mopars Auto Club is a Canadian auto club with members from Canada, the U.S. and England and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. The club is open to anyone with an interest in Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth or AMC muscle or vintage cars, stock or modified, and is not limited to car owners. Yearly membership cost is $40 CDN and includes a bimonthly newsletter. We hold monthly meetings the third Wednesday of every month at Renfrew Chrysler, Calgary. We host an annual all-Mopar show every year. We have a line of Northern Mopars apparel.

Q. What is the history of the Northern Mopars Auto Club and what is your current membership?
A. The club originated in Saskatchewan and was named "Northern Wings". The club moved in 1988 to Calgary and the operations of the club (President and Treasurer) were taken over by the Roger and Wendy Wadstein of Calgary in January 1989. At that time, the membership of the club numbered approximately 40 people, most members from Saskatchewan. The club was renamed in April of 1989 to "Authentic Northern Mopars" to reflect not only the original winged cars, but all Mopars (Chrysler vintage and muscle cars). In April 1992, a new executive was formed and the positions of Club Secretary, Editor, Membership Director and Advertising Director were added. It was at this time that the club name was streamlined to it's current name, "Northern Mopars Auto Club". In January 1994, the Wadsteins stepped down as Club President and Treasurer after a 5 year term (phew!) and current Club President Larry Gammon was elected.

We are currently at 300+ members with 150 in the Calgary area. We have members in 8 provinces, 2 territories and 1 in the U.S. We are a registered non-profit organization.

Q. What activities does the club participate in?
A. We are an extremely active and social club. We held our highly successful 16th Annual Show-n-Shine at Canada Olympic Park, Calgary in August. We attend all-makes shows as well as all-Mopar shows (our favorite) in Alberta and have club participation trophies to prove it. As a club we also travel to shows in British Columbia and Saskatchewan as well as shows in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Each February we enter a club display in the annual World of Wheels and have been very successful in winning the Best Club Display award.

On the social side, we plan a number of social events including an annual club BBQ, Christmas party & annual Thanksgiving weekend camp-out.

Q. I'd like to attend one of your meetings to see what you're about before joining.
A. We welcome any interested individuals to attend our monthly meetings. We try to have a guest speaker at most meetings. We plan our events at these meetings so member participation is essential. They are held the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm. The current meeting location is Renfrew Chrysler, 1920 Bow Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta. Get there early if you want a chair!

Q. Do you have merchandise for club members?
A. Do we! We have club jackets, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags and a window decal, all sporting the Northern Mopars Auto Club logo. Check out our apparel page for pictures of all these products.

Q. What other benefits are there in joining the Northern Mopars Auto Club?
A. A number of insurance companies have insurance for specialty and vintage vehicles. They often have a number of requirements such as age of vehicle (more than 20 years), limited annual mileage, a recent appraisal and membership in a car club such as Northern Mopars Auto Club. This can greatly reduce the insurance you are paying.

We have a club discount that is honored by local merchants. You will receive the discount upon presenting your Northern Mopars Auto Club membership card.

Q. I don't live in Calgary, how do I keep in touch with the club?
A. Our bimonthly newsletter is mailed to all local and out of town members. Each newsletter contains a presidents report, a members car profile with photo, minutes of monthly meetings, calendar of club events, a Buy & Sell section and restoration and performance tips contributed by club members. As well we have an email address and web site to keep our wired members up to date on the latest club happenings.

Click here for contact information. - Northern Mopars Auto Club web site - Our club web general information email.

Q. I'm interested, how do I join?
A. Print out our online membership form, complete it, include a cheque for $40 made out to Northern Mopars Auto Club and mail them to our membership director:

Northern Mopars Membership Director - Click here

Q. I have other questions not covered in this FAQ, who can I talk to?
A. Send email to or phone (403) 287-0765 and we'll be happy to help. Hope to hear from you!