New McLeod and RAM Clutchs and with Borg and Beck, 3 finger Pressure plates for all Mopar 23 and 18 spline transmissions from street to extreme high HP applications, single or dual clutch disk units available and typically on hand ready for your project.  New SFI rated and used Mopar flywheels for any and all applications, 6 bolt, 8 bolt hemi and stroker engines. PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
Challenger parts for sale:  front bumpers and support brackets, drivers and passenger side doors, door hinges, OE side glass and window regulators.  Front turn signal housings and lenses, new and used, 71-74 E body mirrors and interior rear view mirrors as well.  Woodgrain and Steel spoked E body steering wheels, 70 and 71 Challenger grilles, dash frames, front sway bars, lower control arms etc. available.  PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
Mopar 727 CLUTCHFLITE transmission by Winters   Yes, it uses a clutch and pressure plate to launch the car, instead of a torque converter and is then shifted like an automatic.  Ready for your mud bogger, nostalgia Mopar racer and definitely something different.    PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
Are your 8 ¾ axle bearing seals leaking and messing up your brakes and your restoration?  Replace them with new OE style Timkens or Green bearings and seals.    PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
Hurst Shifters –  new shifter assemblies, parts and pieces for  your Hurst shifter or  replacement pieces that your Hurst may be missing.  New Hurst Shifter chrome handles, Mopar Pistol Grip handles and replacement Pistol Grip parts and pieces, etc.  I have the parts for the hard to find Hurst 70 B Body and E Body shifter mechanisms as well.   PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
Firm Feel Fast Ratio Steering Boxes large 1 ¼” and 1 1/8” sector shaft diameters available, as well as Fast Ratio pitman arm and matching idler arm in the now hard to find small sector shaft spline diameter.  PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
New Large diameter 11.75” Mopar front brake rotors, splash shields, spindles, calipers and caliper adaptors, bearings, seals, semi-metallic pads and hoses available so you can put some upgraded stopping power onto your Mopar!  PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
NOS drivers side smallblock exhaust manifold gasket heat shield for 68-70 318.  Get them before they are gone!  Exhaust manifolds for 72 -74 Smallblock Mopars as well.  PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
1971 Demon/Duster A body buckets seats, c/w A body specific tracks, backs etc. great shape, $850.  1970 B body buckets seats c/w tracks, and backs, fair shape, $500.  1970 dual snorkel air cleaner, black wrinkle finish, $550.  1970 383 intake manifold, $120.  1968-69 440 4 bbl intake manifold, $120.  1968-69 383 4 bbl intake manifold, $120.  1975 400 B block, std. bore, $400.  906 cylinder heads, pair, $350.  727 big block transmission, $300.  1970 Super Bee power bulge hood, needs bodywork, $550.  1970 383 MP air cleaner plate. brand new in box. $TBD.  PH Cam (403) 271-5501  Nov 18
New Addco 1” diameter front sway bar kit for E body Challenger and Cudas, comes with urethane mounts and end links, mounting brackets and hardware complete.  Upgrade your E Body handling!   PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
A833 Four Speed Transmissions in standard or overdrive ratios for A, B, C, E and F body applications available.  I have lots of 4 speed parts and pieces, new gears, bearings, synchros, seals etc. to rebuild your Mopar 4 Speed as well.   Mopar automatic to 4 Speed conversion components for Small block, Big Block, Hemi and Slant Six.  Bellhousings, pedal setups, Pistol Grip shifters, clutch/pressure plates, flywheels, forks, mounts, tunnels and all the bits to put it together.  Everything you need to convert your Mopar to a 4 speed, or those pieces you need to fix or upgrade your 4 speed setup. Need an 18 spline Hemi 4 speed for your A body Mopar, or maybe a lightweight aluminum case and extension housing for your A/B/C/E/F Body Mopar 4 speed, I have the parts!  Call PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18 with all your Mopar 4 speed needs
Mopar 8 ¾ Axle Housings, axles,  A Body, 66-70 B Body, E Body, 71-74 B Body and even Truck/van setups, stock or custom widths available.   8 ¾ center sections, new/used gear ratios from 2.76 to 4:56, new Powerloc Clutch Type, Auburn Pro, Eaton Tru-Tracs, and Detroit Locker Sure Grips, bearings, seals and crush sleeve eliminators, etc. to  rebuild your 8 ¾ gear set.   Alloy Large Bolt Pattern axles for A bodys and 68-70 B body 8 ¾ housings, others available, including Dana 60 axles. Nice used OE Mopar axles available too. Ph PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
New Process 435 4 speed transmission from a Dodge ¾ ton, perfect for mud bogging, rock climbing and Jeep transmission conversions.  Also have bellhousing, starter shield and clutch inspection cover to mate it to a small block Mopar engine.  143 tooth, 11” externally balanced Mopar 360 flywheel,  PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18
340 full floating Rods, Pistons and Heads, crankshafts;  Set of Sealed Power Forged L2322F, 30 over 340 Pistons.  PH Neale (403) 999-6213  Aug 18

Northern Mopars club caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. PH Larry at (403) 243-4703