1969 A12 Superbee

George Thompson

It had apparently been brought to town from Kelowna by an auto-body guy thinking he would use it for a daily driver. That didn’t work out so he sold it to a young guy in town. This young guy also had a Boss Mustang. He drove the Mustang more and because he was getting married; he decided to sell his toys. I happened to be at the right place at the right time and thought it would be nice to have another Super Bee. Neither one of us knew at the time this was a special car. 

After several years of playing with the car I decided to start restoring it. This is when I started to learn this Bee was a rare car. Over the years and two restorations, which my wife paid for; thank you very much; the car has been brought back to the original factory state.

The factory ratings on the motor were 390 horsepower at 4700 RPM and the torque rated at 490 foot-pounds at 3600 RPMs. The horsepower rating was believed to keep insurance companies happy. A special order axel came with 4:10:1 gears; 9.75 inch Sure Grip axle with 11 inch drums. 

The color is R4 red with a flat black lift off fiberglass hood. The standard with A12 package cars were 15 by 6.0 inches, JJ wheels; painted black with chrome lug nuts and G70 by 15 inch Good-Year poly-glass red streak tires. Dodge wasn’t sure what wheels would look good on this car so they went to the race track to see what racers were running for wheels. Racers were running just a stock bolted on steel wheel so that’s the way the car was produced. 

I feel very privileged to be the Bee Keeper of Innisfail for the past 31 years. I would also like to thank Larry G. and the crew from Northern Mopars for inviting me to be part of their shows over the past years.

It was born on April 08, 1969 which is the same month and day as our oldest boy. As far as I know there were 327 Hurst, four speed, two door, hardtops built and only 33 came to Canada. As of today the car has 46,000 original miles on it. Mostly 1/4 mile at a time. It is also the first year Dodge built the 440-six pack package. It was factory built like this to be a contending street racer (maybe).



I became a Mopar believer in 1967 after a school buddy kept beating my ‘64 Impala SS with his ‘66 Plymouth Satellite convertible. In 1970 I bought a new 383, four speed Super Bee and had lots of fun with it. It was our wedding and honeymoon car, traveling through the U.S. for a couple of weeks.

The car was originally bought from Cross Town Motors in Edmonton. The original Canadian base price on this car was $3,639.00 I met the salesman responsible for Cross Town’s muscle cars at a show in Radium a few years back and he recognized the car right away. The car is a numbers matching car and has been documented and registered by Galen Govier. It is also in the Chrysler registry and is number 16 in VIN sequence from the Lynch Rd., MI plant.

Back then we were young so university and low paying jobs made it tough to own a muscle car. We ended up selling the Bee and bought a four cylinder Vega. Six or seven years went by; we were sort of on our feet and living in Innisfail when I ran across a Super Bee parked on a residential street.