After several years of playing with the car I decided to start restoring it. This is when I started to learn this Bee was a rare car. Over the years and two restorations, which my wife paid for; thank you very much; the car has been brought back to the original factory state.

This young man's love affair with muscle cars was consummated with the purchase of an RH23P2 Plymouth Satellite Sebring in 1972.  The grainy picture probably doesn't adequately depict the smile on my face.

The search continued casually post recession and in 2011 - a 1972 4-speed Hemi Road Runner was discovered on Kijiji.  I knew that the Street 426 Hemi was not stock that year but was intrigued enough with the vehicle description to go for a test drive.

Wind forward a few years to the 1990's and my Mopar became a Voyager minivan to transport Heather and the two kids, Laura and Craig. 

The itch for a real Mopar remained but with accelerating prices on classic muscle cars in the early 2000's - I decided that I had missed the opportunity to buy a classic and instead purchased a new muscle car - my Magnum RT.  A great, civilized vehicle with broad power band and a nice small block rap but alas not a classic big block Mopar! 

I have attached some current photos and the build sheet. The Beast attracts the kind of attention that only a 500 hp Mopar can - I've got good friends whom I have never even met before.

I took along our son, Craig, who sat quietly in the back seat with eyes like saucers.  When we were driving home in the Magnum he confided in me. "Dad I heard you talking about those Mopars for a long time - but now I get it.  That thing is a BEAST!"



After 8 months of patient negotiating, the Beast was mine in February 2012.  The car had been lovingly restored with many upgrades by a senior in Portland Oregon over three years from 2004-6 and imported to Calgary by an-other car lover in 2011, who then decided to sell it and go back for another.  

Equipped with Hurst 4 speed, headers and a 3:91 rear end - the car was fun.  I drove that car everywhere including the Yukon but eventually sold it when I went overseas in 1980.  I still rue that day! 

So now the guy with two Hemis is on a mission - anybody know where to find a good early Hemi 354 or 392? 

1972 Hemi Roadrunner 

Ian Herring

The car had around 300 miles on the ground up restoration and completely redone suspension and drive train. 

There were many small finishing details to fuss over but basically the car mostly needed to be driven and broken in - pleasant duty for sure.