1967 Chrysler Newport

Bruce Chudobiak

My first introduction to the Pentastar brand began with a 1967 Plymouth Gran Fury 2 dr. Hardtop. Only had her for a few weeks before she was destroyed in a fire. Anyone remember United Rambler in Lethbridge???

Fast forward to 2007 and a 1967 Chrysler Newport convertible. Anyone noticing the common thread running through this tale??? 1967 Mopars. I watched this car slowly rust in my neighbours drive way for about 12 years. Needless to say, when she came up for sale, I felt I needed to save the old girl.  

Like all other stories, this begins "Once upon a time.....". Being raised in a family of 5 boys and 1 girl, cars were an integral part of my life. My history of Mopars was just a little more unusual.

Bruce Chudobiak 

The motor is a 383 cu. In., two barrel carb, power steering, power drum brakes (which makes for interesting stopping) power windows, power aerial, electric clock and strangely enough, a Canadian Winter Package option (dual block heaters for Washington State???). The colour is the original Spice Gold. The electrical and mechanical repair was done at Mikkelson’s in Calgary and the body and paint was completed by Investment Vehicle Restorations of Granum.  

I was indirectly responsible for its destruction but that is a different story. My Fury’s replacement was a 1967 Plymouth Satellite 2dr hardtop. I loved that little car but she eventually had to go as well.



The roof and interior was completed by Chinook Upholstery. Given the picture I refer to as the Frankenstein Stage, (red, grey and yellow) I named the car "Joan" ( in honour of Joan Rivers, cuz you can’t tell where the old stops and the new starts)....lol. I have been very pleased with the final outcome and hopefully I have a nice representation of Chrysler’s view of a large cruising convertible of the 1960’s. 

This car was originally sold in Lynnwood Washington in 1966. She made her way to Calgary through a series of 3 other owners before I took possession of her. Note the useage of the term "her" which will become more clear shortly. As you will see from the photo’s she was in far worse shape than I would have imagined and really should not have been saved. But, given the fact that only 2891 of these cars were produced out of a total run of over 104,000 Newports, she lived a charmed life.