There is a 99 % probability that
this is the very car that started it all for me which is pretty neat in itself.

 I had a lot of fun driving my car to Indy for the Brickyard 400 weekend but that is another story.

Spin forward to 2007 and I talked to the bank and they said ok and I ended
up finding this car in the Ottawa area (it lived its’ whole life there).

I thought that was just the coolest thing I had ever seen and the image was burned into my brain.

When I was ten in 1970 I was travelling with my dad in Ottawa in his 1960 Valiant (made of bondo and coat hanger wire) and I saw a car like this Superbird and it was the first time I can remember my jaw hanging open.

The car is a 4-speed pistol grip which just rolled over 100,000 mi’s and I drive it every chance I get. The paint job was done in 1981 and I am assuming the murals were done then too. 

We couldn’t find the 40 over pistons for less than a million dollars apiece so we went to 60 over and considering all the chrome ( non stock ) we went to a roller rocker set-up ( better oil delivery ) with hydraulic lifters. 

1970 Plymouth Superbird 

Brett Balsdon

The guy I bought it from (retired RCMP) gave me $5000 off the price because it had a noise in the motor.(someone told him it had a spun bear-ing). It’s a numbers matching motor and when we took it apart there really was no bearing issues. 

Someone had bored it to 30 over and didn’t size the pistons correctly and put in solid lifters without much knowledge of backlash so the rockers 
were pounded out and the cam was gibbled.

It is a U code motor but someone put a six pack set-up on it somewhere along the line but I don’t think it takes away from the vehicle at all. When we had everything apart we discovered somebody had a fire in the centre carb and melted the inner venturi and then proceeded to drill 2 holes in the melted mass - another shocking revelation! - I replaced the carb with a new one. The clutch and flywheel were junk so were replaced with a new flywheel and clutch and thats when I realized even the tranny cross member and actuator arm was chrome.

The valves had already been cut once so we went new ( and discarded the small block 350 valve springs, DUH! ) We managed to find a cross reference to the cam number and put in a new one with high volume oil, fuel and water pumps.