My son has a friend who lives in the Shuswap, he told him of another A-100 for sale there, my son told me as I was looking for something different so my wife and I bought No. 3, also a parts truck to go with it and a trailer made from the box of another A-100, now it’s 4.5 A-100’s.

At this point I made many phone calls to the U.S.A. and found out it had spent sometime on a U.S. Aircraft Carrier but could not find out which one, then it spent time at a land base Navy yard then sold.

Many years ago I purchased an A-100 Van from Rosedale Cleaners, removed the slant 6 and installed a 383 automatic, came back from my first ride and a friend of mine showed up and bought it, that’s No. 1 Gone.

So off we go with a trailer to get our new old trucks, I drove the good one, my son pulled the part’s truck and trailer on our flat deck, also spare motor, 2 transmissions, many extra doors, bumpers etc. 

Then because of our growing family it went soon after, No. 2 gone.

In 1981 I purchased another A-100 from an iron worker, it had a period correct capper on it, a 225 slant 6 and automatic.

It does have a little patina but looks good.

Before we left the Shuswap the seller had an old 1942 Fargo 6x6 in the corner covered in leaves so I made a deal for it, made another trip and bought it home a month later.

1966 Dodge A100

Keith & Ann Hart

It was imported into Canada, changed hands one more time then went out to the Shuswap where I bought it.

I had the truck polished by David & Lori Clayton from Personnel Touch Car Care who did a wonderful job of detailing the old faded paint.

After getting home we spent time checking the trucks out, this time I found a plaque on the dash saying that it had belonged to the “Dept. of the U.S. Navy”.