Barry obtained the car from the local Aboriginal community and sold it to Dean Tilleman, who in turn sold it to another fellow named Rob, who in turn sold the car to Kelly who had had a vision and took the car to T&S Autobody in Okotoks AB to have the body restored. 

I was then fortunate enough to hear that Kelly was perhaps ready to let go of his Demon. I love a challenge and have always had an aspiration to recreate a 1972 Demon back to its originality, me being a "Mopar or No Car" kind of guy.

From there... Tony Gagnon assembled it, followed by wet sanding and polishing by Trevor Loxton, and two sets of decals were then applied - the first being the standard black! I wanted a classic that people would remember, and they certainly do now, with the second set of orange decals and stripes!



I was able to strike a deal with Kelly and the journey began.  This was a full nut and bolt restoration and a project that I was excited to complete. 

With the assistance of some very skilled and competent comrades, it was blessed with a fresh 1969 340 engine. The detail on this one year total rebuild for my labour of love was taken on by Jason Fairley... one of the best of the best in Mopar engines and diagnostics! 

My 1972 Dodge Demon 340 4-speed was rescued years ago in a rather appalling state. It was originally purchased from a gentleman named Barry who operated the local auto wrecker establishment in Fort MacLeod, AB.

1972 Dodge Demon

Greg Palmer

This car has graced my trophy shelf with several first place awards, but the best gratification is the public... when a father walks by it with his son or daughter, sees it and reminisces, then says "whoa... I don’t remember these coming with the orange stripes... love it"!

Bringing it into our era, while retaining all the special factors that made it what it was in 1972. "I Can See Clearly Now" was the #1 song when my Demon rolled off the assembly line... Very fitting!